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About Us

Our practice runs on the goal to give a helping hand to a healthier you, where you the patient are the main priority. We keep in mind what is best for YOU.

Our facility offers state of the art equipment and the Pro-Adjuster. With this equipment we collect necessary data to evaluate your condition to help better determine your course of care.

I am sure you are probably asking yourself what is the Pro-Adjuster. The Pro-Adjuster is the latest technique used in Chiropractic today. It is a computerized instrument that gives the Dr. a visual analysis to help determine the correct treatment to be applied. The Pro-Adjuster also allows you the patient to sit in a comfortable manner to receive your adjustment with no bending, cracking or you being twisted like a pretzel.

We provide a welcoming and relaxing environment. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We work with workers comp and auto cases.