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Andrew Shaw

I initially met with Dr. Diller because of the back and neck pain I was experiencing. During my initial visit with Dr. Diller, I explained to her some of the lingering injuries I had sustained to my knees and hamstrings from running, especially from running in a marathon. I had no idea these were injuries that Dr. Diller could treat, but she successfully treated my knees and hamstring. The following year, I successfully completed my first triathlon, and I was pain free! What was even better, while training for my triathlon, I met with Dr. Diller about once a month for a "tune up" that kept my knees from bothering me. I am a total supporter of Dr. Diller not just for traditional chiropractic needs, but also for other needs such as sports injury treatment.

Quinn Stringham

Dr. Diller is the chiropractor who goes the extra mile. I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Diller's for almost two years now. However, recently I was injured. I'd fallen backwards and seriously bruised my back, hurt my right leg, and my hip and pinched something so that the pain was unbearable! As a result, I could barely walk, could not bear any weight on my right leg and sitting was equally painful and impossible. Because it was an emergency and it happened close by, Dr. Diller saw me right away. She adjusted me with her machine, then manually worked on my hip and leg, and then applied essential oils for the pain and bruising. I was able to walk out of her office that afternoon, sit in my car, and an hour later, I was able to attend a wedding and danced at the wedding reception! Thank you Dr. Diller!

Chris Warner

I started seeing Dr. Diller approximately 2 years ago for migraine headaches, which I would get at least weekly and sometimes several times a week. I was taking numerous medications to help stop the pain from these headaches so I could just function. After just a few weeks of treatments the headaches subsided and now it is extremely rare that I get these headaches. Dr. Diller has also helped me with tendonitis in my right arm (elbow to wrist) from using the mouse and touch pad on the computer too much, and has helped to relieve my sinus pain and pressure. She also uses various natural oils to help release muscle tension and any other aches and pains. She truly cares about her patients and their health. I have sent numerous people in my family to see Dr. Diller as well and she has helped all of them. She, as well as her office staff and massage therapist are wonderful, I can't say enough good things about all of them!

Marvin Keller

I hurt my back on a Tuesday evening, went in and saw Dr. Diller on Wednesday. Told her I wanted to play in a tournament on the following Friday. Fix me up well enough to play golf. Went in every 2-3 days and that Friday I played golf with no pain and no soreness, nothing. Went back in Monday and was asked how I was doing, I said great! Now I go back once a month for a checkup.

David H.

In 2004 I had my right hip replaced. For seven years I had pain in my right leg, so in October 2011 I to have another hip replacement on the same hip. Before I went to Cumberland Valley Chiropractic & Wellness I couldn't walk 100 yards without stopping because of pain from my lower back down my legs. I had 6 treatments now and I feel like a new person. I am able to play with my kids again. You don't know how good that feels. I would recommend Cumberland Valley Chiropractic to anyone who has back pain. Thank you for helping me.